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Investment potential & Strategy

Biotechnology is at an inflection point and will be a primary driver of change and creator of economic value.

By investing and thus enabling transformative healthcare companies in their scientific breakthroughs, we will impact human health within the next 10 years.


A shift towards disease prevention is likely to be a major market disruptor in healthcare – especially with respect to aging and age-related diseases.

Hallmarks of aging

Our interventions target the underlying causes of aging as well as the age-related damage and dysfunction at the molecular, cellular, and tissue level.

NOVEL Therapeutics

We focus on therapeutics that target root causes of age-related diseases, allowing us to enable  innovative treatment options.

Novel Therapeutics

Technological progress allows faster therapeutic development (e.g., lab automatization) and new modalities (e.g., gene therapies) enable innovative treatment options

NOVEL Technologies

Expanding this approach to corresponding novel technologies, will allow early detection and risk management, as well as increase quality of life.

Data platforms

Data technologies can catalyse drug development, detect disease, and even improve therapies, such as ultra-personalized medicine

Health tech

Devices will play a crucial part in early disease diagnosis, flexible treatments and remote patient care & monitoring
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