Enhancing Healthy Lifespan

Apollo Health Ventures develops interventions with the potential to prevent or reverse age-related diseases and extend healthy human lifespan.

Medicine in the 21st Century

For the first time in history the diseases that come as a consequence of old age–such as cancer, heart attacks, stroke, and dementia–outweigh infectious disease as humankind's largest killers. Multimorbidity is the main driver of healthcare spendings and poses a tremendous burden to society.

Progress in Longevity Research

New insights into the basic biology of aging, the underlying cause of all of these conditions, are enabling the creation of new therapies to prevent and even reverse these agonizing diseases, allowing people to live healthier and more productive lives.

Apollo Health Ventures Strategy

Apollo collaborates with scientists and entrepreneurs to bring these insights to patients. We provide operational, strategic and financial support for early stage biotech companies and leverage our network in the scientific and entrepreneurial communities to build great teams to set up our companies for success.