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Building Next Generation Companies To Enhance Healthy Lifespan

Apollo Health Ventures is a transatlantic early stage Venture Capital firm actively co-founding and investing in transformative healthcare companies targeting age-related diseases and aging itself.

Our population will keep getting older, increasing healthcare costs, therefore calling for new solutions to treat age-related diseases.

Biotechnology is the solution for a healthier lifespan and reduced healthcare spending.

By investing and thus enabling transformative healthcare companies in their scientific breakthroughs, we will impact human health within the next 10 years.

Investment Strategy

We leverage potential by combining traditional funding with venture building, accomplishing a bigger and more diverse value creation in Europe and the US.


In our Venture Lab, we partner with scientific experts and turn untapped technologies into transformational companies. This way we acquire founder shares at nominal value– offering unique upsides to our investors.
Scientific & operational expertise
Building top teams
Access to capital & strong syndicates
Risk minimization by conducting killer experiments

Investing in best-in-class companies

Alongside of our venture lab approach, we generate additional value by identifying best-in-class companies at an early stage. Based on breakthrough science and led by amazing founders, we help those companies accelerate.
Access through extensive network and trust due to our deep knowledge
Successful track record since 2017
Leading players in follow on investment rounds
Support by talent and leadership recruitment, guidance on R&D as well as clinical trial and indication selection strategies.


Through our extensive network we are able to partner with leading universities, research institutes and top investors in the US and Europe.

Knowledge base

Learn more about recent advances in biotechnology, investments and our work.

Auron Selects First Development Candidate for its Portfolio of Next-Generation Targeted Cancer Treatments from its Novel AURIGIN™ Platform
Auron Selects First Development Candidate from its Novel AURIGIN™ Platform
HAYA Therapeutics wins Swiss Startup Award
HAYA Therapeutics wins the top prize at the TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award 2023

Join us on LinkedIn for the latest news.