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Career at apollo health ventures

Moonshot Venture Fellowship Program

Apollo Health Ventures is a life science venture capital firm and life science company builder working across Europe and North America. Apollo is unique among investment firms due to its focus on a specific field of scientific research – the basic biology of aging. Apollo helps scientists working on understanding how and why we age to set up companies based on their discoveries, then builds those companies together with scientists and biotech professionals.

The Moonshot Venture Fellowship is a 12-month program designed to give scientists the experience and support to create, launch, and build a venture-backed life science company based on outstanding science. For a scientist with a passion for translating research into medicines that make a difference for patients, the Moonshot Fellowship is an accelerated path to equip the Fellow with the skills to be a leader in life science companies.

The program is fast paced, puts an enormous amount of responsibility in the hands of the fellow, and has the potential to result in the creation of new medicines that could help millions of people.

Fellow's will have the opportunity to:
  • Work side by side with some of the top investors and scientists focused on aging in the world
  • Acquire the skills needed for an academic to start companies and turn a concept into a therapeutic
  • Lead the efforts to found and build a new company from concept through launch
  • Build their network at the interface of aging science and startups, where Apollo is an international leader
Fellow's responsibilities:
  • Discover and evaluate ground-breaking science that could be used to start a new company and generate new investment ideas for Apollo e.g., by monitoring scientific journals
  • Perform market research on the life sciences investment market
  • Support entire deal making process for potential portfolio companies
  • Define preclinical and clinical projects to be pursued by this new companyBuild a research plan, clinical development plan, and budget for this new company together with other members of Apollo's extended team
  • Assess the regulatory and IP landscape for a scientific area of interest
  • Work with Apollo’s entrepreneurs on operational and strategic issues for portfolio companies
Fellow's requirements:
  • Passionate scientist with deep expertise related to the biology of aging (degree candidate or graduate degree in life sciences)
  • Highly entrepreneurial mindset with the ability to think translationally across multiple disciplines with the aim of creating something completely new
  • Self-directed working style to succeed in a non-hierarchical environment with a fast-moving, young team
  • Demonstrated excellence in scientific research and data analysisS
  • trong communication and interpersonal skills
  • An appetite for going stretching outside their comfort zone to take on projects related to business development, clinical trials, and investing


Interested applicants should submit a two page letter of intent + CV including two references from current or recent supervisors/employers to jobs@apollo.vc