Sriniwas Sriram, PhD - Venture Fellow | Apollo Ventures

Sriniwas Sriram, PhD

Venture Fellow

Sriniwas is a Biomedical Engineer by trade and a scientist by volition. He is also an emerging venture capitalist who is passionate about building companies and drinking coffee. With Apollo, he hopes to do both and, in the process, contribute to the development of the next wave of exciting treatments for age-related diseases.

Before joining Apollo, Sriniwas was a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard Medical School in Boston, where he developed 3D cell and organ culture models to understand the mechanisms involved in tissue regeneration. He has experience working for large pharmaceutical companies like Genentech as well as numerous smaller biotechnology and venture capital firms. He is passionate about translational research and is especially driven by the process of bringing innovative research projects in academic labs to the market as safe treatments.