Dr. João Amorim - Venture Analyst | Apollo Ventures

Dr. João Amorim

Venture Analyst

João has dedicated his career to unravelling mitochondria's role in disease development, especially in aging and age-related diseases. At Apollo, he is interested in emerging technologies to bring mitochondrial innovation into therapies. 

During his PhD studies at Harvard Medical School, he focused on fundamental questions about how we age and how small molecules can treat aging and aging-related diseases. His curiosity and excitement about translational research led him to explore opportunities outside of the lab, deepening his interest in the biotech industry. He has taken the Healthcare Innovation and Commercialization course at Harvard Medical School, joined the Harvard Biotech Incubator, and the Harvard Business School MBA classes “Lab to Market”. He was also selected to participate in the Harvard Graduate Business Club's Mini-MBA program ('20), a summer program intended to expose non-business students to business school concepts.